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I absolutely enjoyed this but man, I wish it was longer! Great visuals and creepy audio, this was brilliant, well done! Here is my vid, please take a look.

Haha yes I should've worked on it for longer!! Thanks for playing the game!

Thank you for making it!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and if you do a longer version , I'll be right there to play it!


Nice game short but nice 


thank for this game !

No problem! Ty for playing!

I think I'll have a delicious hamburger!

Mhmm yess!

cool game


Really cool game. Shame it was so short. Had fun!

Thanks for playing!

goofy ahh face decoder

LOL! Clown with no life wants to disrespect others behind a computer.  Good job!

lol right, the guy who hides his face behind a face encrypter  talks about no life while sitting in his mothers basement taking everything seriously on the internet. good job back at'cha.

Nice Game!

Gameplay en español


Deleted 32 days ago

Haha thank you!

this game was pretty nice 

Thanks for playing!

had a good amount of fun referencing SpongeBob nostalgia to this haha! 

Lol thank you for playing!


Fun and short game to play. I was hoping for it to be a little longer but overall a good game.

Yeah true, thanks for playing though!

I had a great time with this game! This was the 2nd game I played and it was really wacky!  If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Haha thanks for playing!

This game was really good. Wish it was a bit longer. It had me spooked! Visuals looked really good and the ambience really set up the creepy environment. Good job! Game starts at 00:00

Thank you for playing! The feedback is very helpful!

No problem at all!

Check out my video :)

This game was short but it was still pretty fun. Spongebob was one of my favorite shows growing up and I used to love .exe games. This was very close to something of a mix between them. 

♥ love you guys ♥

Thank you very much for playing!

ofcc 💜



its short but sweet, gets to the point and knows what it is so i can respect that, the visuals were really cool though, gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

Thanks for playing the game!

all good man, good little five minute game, also i like that you don't try deceive people into thinking this is longer than it is, sets the standard which is great! 

Short but sweet!

Ty for playing my game!

This game is spooky and pretty funny. I wished the game was longer and had more spooky noises or jump scares. Having more objectives would make the game longer and give you more chances to build tension in the game. Other than that I enjoyed the laugh.

Yeah 100% agree, thank you for playing!

Love every second keep up the great work!!!

Thanks very much!

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

Yeah haha, thanks for playing!

*[Very Scary]* The most cursed episode of sopngebob squarepants *[Must watch]*

Thanks for playing!

Spongebob Killerpants is a short horror cleaning simulator.


Thanks for playing!

Aqui un mini gameplay de este juego, estuvo bastante entretenido

Ty for playing!

Good Game gg

Thank you for playing!

Short but not bad for what it was. Made a video on it.


Thanks for playing!

Oh, good


Definitely enjoyed it. It amazes me how all these SpongeBob horror games achieve such a creepy vibe. Great job.


Thank you!

you can tell someone put effort into it

Thanks :)

Hello Messycecil, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:

Thank you very much!

Good game, but the flashlight could be fixed. Also, the trigger that zooms in the camera down the stairs doesn't go away. I'm a game dev myself, and here is C# code to remove the trigger.

this.gameObject.GetComponent<BoxCollider>().enabled = false;


Yeah lol I was meant to do that but completely got sidetracked and forgot. Oops.

(1 edit)

It's ok. It's happened to me too as a game dev. Like with my game, I didn't know about IEnumerators and when the player got jumpscared, they could press any key to exit out. However, they were holding the w key, so the jumpscare lasted less than a second and it went to the game over scene. I fixed it, and if you wanted to see what it looked like, you can look in the videos of my game comment section. (It's in my profile.)


Haha  yeah, I'm working on a new horror game right now (putting lots of effort into) and I'm looking for the slightest of bugs that I can find and having some of my mates to be my bug-testers.

Cool. I'm working on a game right now, and I wanna finish it before this jam, and then work on the game for the jam.

Nice :)

Created a short too... Briliiant! 

Great game, funny - Would love more content 

Thank you for playing!

It was a pleasure x

Great game funny and spooky definitely

made me drop a log

Thanks for playing!

Question, how do you open it on macOS?

(1 edit)

Are you able to just double click the game file SpongeBob and run the game? If not, are you experiencing an error?

Yea, I can't find the file I might be experiencing an error even when I launch it.


Thanks for playing!

This was GREAT! My only complaint was that it wasn't long enough. Other than that, BANGER!!!

Thanks for the tip and thank you for playing!

Great job on the game man!


Thank you for playing!

Very cool, wish it was longer

Haha yeah sorry about that, thanks for playing!

love it thank you 


Thank you for playing!


finished playing made me scared poopoo 10/10 would recomend  to my deceased grandmotherfather

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