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You're working a night shift at the Krusty Krab.

Your role at the Krusty Krab is to clean up rubbish and sweep the floors after closing hours. You've done this job many times before.

However, tonight is different. It feels strange, unsafe. Continue working as a janitor through the night and come across unsettling experiences.

Investigate the evil that lurks in the Krusty Krab.

^^ 5min expected gametime (short)

^^ ESC to open settings

Krusty Krab Model:


Updated 2 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Psychological Horror


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Great Game!

Hahaha, love the spongebob horror games! Keep making more in this niche guys! 

Ty for playing :D


he got my cheeks

Haha ty for playing.

As if Mr. Krabs would hire anyone when the Bob would do the job if told to. 

Lol, thanks for playing.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Lol gg

Lol gg indeed.

Enjoyed the game, if you decide to make more I’m here for it!

Ty for playing :D

Is Spongebob a serial Killer??? come enjoy and subscribe

Thanks for playing.

i don't understand, but here's the gameplay

Ty for playing.

good short horror game :)

Ty for playing.

Bro Tried To Take My Krabby Patties lol

Ty for playing lol.

Short and sweet, good little horror game. 

Thanks for playing!


i shit my pants in fear triple s game play and horror

Super jeu ! Creepy le bob l'éponge ^^


Thanks for playing!

Left me wanting more!!

Ty for playing!


Thank you so much for this game. I really hope you add more to it as it kind of left me on the edge of my seat. Anywho, great job! It was fun to play!


No problem, ty for playing!

Really liked that you gave us time to appreciate your creation! Seeing more than just a few seconds was great! Do you happen to have other socials? Thank you! Look forward to playing your other work!

Unfortunately I do not have any other socials but if you wanted to play my other work, about 2 weeks ago I released a new horror game called Xenophobia. Regardless, thanks for playing :)

Yes, I saw this game and mentioned it in the video! I will be playing it for sure. Thank you so much! If you do get a Twitter or other such social media please let me know, I'd love to give you a follow.

Short but sweet, I had a blast and recommend it! give it try!

Thank you for playing!!


It was my pleasure. If you have any games you want me to play! Just send me a message.  I will be more than happy to play them!

Well, I recently released a new horror game called Xenophobia. It's on my profile if you wanted to play it. 100% your choice though :)

Hab das game Anfangs echt nicht gecheckt, aber es ist wirklich gut gelungen dafür das es ein "SHORT GAME" ist.

Die 5 Minuten lohnen sich!

Thanks for playing!

Great Game


great game


Ever since Spongebob Slendypants i've been an enjoyer of Spongebob horror games. This one did not disappoint. I expect silly, goofy but also something disturbing and it delivered. 9/10 Spooky Amels from me (Do wish it had a bit more jumpscarage going on though- it almost felt like it was missing)


Yeah thanks for feedback and ty for playing!

(1 edit)

i enjoyed palying this game but cuz i'm going back to school the video came out late, i should have uploaded it 3 to 4 weeks ago but i got busy with school, still busy by the way so thanks to #messycecil for making this game

No problem. Thanks for playing!

you are welcome!


Really interesting a fun game. Wish there was more, but fun nonetheless.

Ty for playing!

Cool but too Short. 3/5

Ty for playing.

Honestly the SCARIEST part gotta be the sudden zoom in on the blood LIKE DAMN, I actually love the animation at the end it looked really good I just laughed a lot more than disgusted or scared by “it” (tbh I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing), of course there should’ve been more but I enjoyed it :) 8/10

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Hello, I tried this game it was short and to the point. Not bad at all. I make a video about it.

Ty for playing!

No worries.


Lol who's to say one isn't already in the making?

Great Game!

how do i play on my cousins computer

Just click download and follow the instructions.

What platform are you on?

the game was really short I like the graphics everything was clean I just wish the game was longer

Yeah thank you for playing!


Haha ty very much!

Cool game, could've had the flash light shine brighter so we could see but cool overall!

Ty for playing.



Bob esponja es un maniaco!

Ty for playing!

The game was a bit laggy ( because of my laptop sucks tbh) but still, it was a nice and simple game. 

Here's my gameplay of it. It starts at 00:26

Ty for playing!

I-,,, I managed to get softlocked in the first 20 seconds of the game! XD


Oh, damn... Lol thanks for picking that one out though haha.

You’re welcome! I’m somehow great at finding ways to break things lol.


Hahah ty for playing.


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